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PARAGON are a specialist team and our mission is ‘together empowering change’ for individuals, families, and our communities. We are committed to ending violence against adults and children, and do this through empowering individual and communities to change

We know that for anyone living with domestic abuse, sexual violence or stalking, getting in touch with someone to help is really hard. Taking that first step can be scary, and talking to someone you don’t know may seem strange. But we are here to help. When it’s safe and right for you, please contact one of our teams.

PARAGON is part of The YOU Trust and is their domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking team.

PARAGON is made up of experienced, dedicated, and diverse team of people. We come from many different communities with lived and worked experience.

This team works with adults and children and people who identify as non-binary or gender fluid, who are living with abuse. We may work with you as a single orginisation or in partnership with other teams, organisations, and our communities.tional best practices.

Referrals received and assessed 2022-2023

Our foundations are in working with female victims and survivors of domestic abuse. We started with a refuge in Portsmouth and a single women’s safe house. This enabled us to support women more effectively if they had additional complexities, such as substance misuse or mental health issues.

PARAGON works across many different local authorities. We have safe houses and refuges, and our outreach teams work with many community members.

We are part of a national network of accredited domestic abuse services, ensuring all we do is based on the needs of each person we work na

Please contact our friendly team, and together we’ll work with you to find the best way to help.

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