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Abuse types

It’s really hard to understand that the relationship you are in may be abusive. Sometimes family and friends feel or see something is not quite right but you do not see it.

A person causing harm can use many different behaviours. They might not always be always violent, and that can make it harder to identify. They may charm family and friends and paint you as the one in the wrong. Additionally, the very nature of domestic abuse means that part of what happens could be about convincing you that you are not worth it, that this is what you deserve, that it will be no better with anyone else and that no-one else would put up with you and you are lucky they stay.

We hope the following will help. However, we know that each relationship is unique and if you are questioning or unsure or worried please get in touch. On these pages you will find information about domestic abuse, what it looks like, the impact and further information.

If you are a person causing harm and think you are using abusive behaviours in your relationship please see the People Causing Harm section for more information.

Domestic abuse

Sexual abuse


People causing harm

Children as victims

Men as victims

Domestic abuse and stalking

Domestic abuse and stalking

Domestic abuse and stalking are both linked. And studies suggest that people who leave a coercive and controlling relationship, are at a higher...

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