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Men as victims

PARAGON works with male victims of domestic abuse and have male workers within our teams. We are pleased that more men are coming forward as victims and getting the right support for them.

In some areas we have safe houses where we can accommodate men fleeing violence and abuse. We also run groups for men and our counselling team have a special men’s project for victims of domestic abuse.

Mankind states that one in three victims of domestic abuse are male. 26% of recorded domestic abuse crimes were committed against men, and only 51% of male victims tell someone about their experiences.

Our interventions for men are personalised. We are gender aware and know that domestic abuse is different for each person we work with. Our team will believe you and will work with you to keep you safe. We will support you to engage with the police if you want to. We can help find you safe housing, which could be in one of our safe houses if there are spaces.

If you are a male victim of domestic abuse, please get in touch.

Strategy for Engaging with Disadvantaged and Marginalised Males

The purpose of this strategy is to ensure there is understanding and a consistent approach to engage with men, and especially those from disadvantaged or marginalised communities.

Domestic abuse and stalking

Domestic abuse and stalking

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