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PARAGON Counselling

Opening up and talking to a counsellor about domestic and/or sexual abuse you have experienced or are experiencing may be a daunting thought.

Whilst the majority of our referrals are for people who have experienced sexual abuse as part of their intimate relationship. Our PARAGON and STAR Counselling team work with all victims of sexual violence and abuse.

Our counselling teams are guided by six core principles of trauma informed practice.

Our PARAGON team of counsellors are specifically trained within a DA trauma framework, meaning they are experienced in working in the area of Domestic Abuse. This includes the psychological impacts and psychosocial aspects it brings with it. Whether this be:

  • physical violence
  • sexual abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • financial abuse
  • psychological abuse
  • coercive control
  • honour-based violence
  • modern slavery

Your counsellor will listen to you respectfully, without judgement or shame, within a supportive therapeutic environment.

The aim of PARAGON counselling is to facilitate recovery by helping you understand yourself, the domestic situation you have lived or are living in, how to recognise the cycle of domestic abuse and what you can do to break it. We’ll build on your strengths, resilience, and self-empowerment in making decisions on whether to stay or leave the relationship.

“I let others take control of me and I had to fight, This is my time to shine, I’m young and in control of me and I don’t want to be the broken person I was”

“I couldn’t hear myself; my voice was barely a whisper. Now I can hear me, I’m being safe with me and it’s ok to have my own opinions”

“I forgot how strong I am”

Domestic abuse and stalking

Domestic abuse and stalking

Domestic abuse and stalking are both linked. And studies suggest that people who leave a coercive and controlling relationship, are at a higher...

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