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We are a local team who support people in our communities to stay safe in their own homes. We are funded and commissioned by local and national government.

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Our team works across Hampshire and offers practical and emotional support. Below is a brief overview on what we can offer, including:

Specialist Violence against Women (VAWG) safe house

  • Specialist refuge for women who are at risk of violence or exploitation
  • Support to access a range of services that will help you
  • Daily support sessions, updates, and chats

Target Hardening

  • Specialist support in your community
  • We will meet you in your own home and carry out a safety survey on your property
  • Agree with you solutions to help you stay safely in your own home, such as window alarms and creating a sanctuary room
  • Talk you through a personalised safety plan; ensuring you have the tools and strategies needed to remain safe in any potential scenario
  • Discuss cyber security on your devices and phone, consider vehicle safety and trackers

Health Advocacy

  • Working in Basingstoke Hospital
  • Safety planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Meeting with you in the community after you leave hospital
  • Training for health staff

Securing legal options

  • We can help look at the best ways of keeping you safe and support you with civil or criminal proceedings


  • We have a team of specialist counsellors who work with victims and survivors of domestic abuse. Please contact or 01329 760 260 for referrals.

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