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We have been commissioned by the Isle of Wight Council to deliver their Integrated Domestic Abuse Services. We are the lead agency on the Isle of Wight and work with Hampton Trust as our delivery partner. Together we bring many years of experience to make a strong team better able to support our island community.

This is targeted support for victims, children, and perpetrators of domestic abuse and sexual violence. We have also been funded and commissioned by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, local and national government. Download the referral form

Our teams offer practical and emotional support. Below is a brief overview on what we can offer, including:

Refuge and Safe Houses for female, male, and child victims of domestic abuse

  • Specialist refuge for women and children
  • Safe houses for single men or fathers who have children, or mums whose male children are too old to safely house in the refuge


  • Specialist support in your community on the Isle of Wight
  • We can meet you in your home, out for a coffee and chat – wherever feels safest for you
  • Solutions to help you stay safely in your own home, window locks, door chains, etc


  • Working in our accommodations and in the community as outreach
  • For children aged 5 – 18
  • Practical and emotional support
  • Specialist support for young people instigating harmful behaviours at home or within their own intimate relationship

Recovery groups

  • In refuge and in the community, virtual or face to face
  • A range of accredited groups offering a safe space
  • Helping to understand trauma and how we respond
  • Sharing information and knowledge to better understand and deal with previous experiences


  • Attending meetings with you
  • Speaking with you and on your behalf
  • Explaining the impact of violence and abuse to others so they can better understand your response
  • Sharing our knowledge about domestic abuse and the impact of trauma

Whole family support

  • Working together with you and your children
  • Developing parenting strategies where domestic abuse has had a negative impact

Securing legal options

  • We can help look at the best ways of keeping you safe and support you with civil or criminal proceedings


  • We have a team of specialist counsellors who work with victims and survivors of domestic abuse

Specialist support for victims and survivors of sexual violence (ISVA)

  • Accurate and impartial information
  • Emotional and practical support before, during, and after court
  • Support at police interviews
  • Helping you make your own decisions

Behaviour Change Programme (perpetrators/people causing harm):

Accredited behaviour change programme (for perpetrators/people causing harm)

  • One to one assessment and support with a specialist team
  • Structured group work
  • Ongoing support

Partner support

  • Ongoing support for the partners of people engaged with the behaviour change programme
  • Safety planning

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