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Counselling - Somerset

Survivors of domestic abuse go through a great deal in their recovery. They learn to understand that domestic abuse often causes trauma, which is a natural response to unnatural circumstances. Remember, you have survived and your reactions now are normal reactions.

Our counselling team can help you identify, understand and work through your trauma reactions and responses.

Our Somerset team have some grant funding for specialist counselling for adult survivors of domestic abuse where they are living in safe accommodation. Safe Accommodation can be:

  • Your home security has been improved via the Sanctuary Scheme and/or Target Hardening
  • You are living in a refuge or safe house
  • Your home safety has been improved by the housing association or local authority

You can contact us directly, or you can contact Somerset Integrated Domestic Abuse Services (SIDAS) who are the commissioned domestic abuse team in Somerset, and ask about their counselling provision.



Domestic abuse and stalking

Domestic abuse and stalking

Domestic abuse and stalking are both linked. And studies suggest that people who leave a coercive and controlling relationship, are at a higher...

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