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Survivors of domestic abuse, sexual abuse and stalking go through a great deal in their recovery. Trauma is a natural response to unnatural circumstances, and overcoming the negative impacts is something that is liberating and freeing. We want to celebrate the achievements that the people we work with accomplish.

Their words offer others hope and can help motive those thinking of seeking help and assistance in their recovery.

On this page we feature words of encouragement, experience and hope from a diverse range of people.

We always ask for feedback because it informs the way we work. Many thanks to those who have contributed to making what we do more effective. Your stories are important.


I am now able to see who I truly am and stop the negative mind talk when I experience moments, which in the past I was unable to control. I now know that I am worthy and enough, which allows me to have a more positive attitude towards my everyday life.


I have learned that healing is a journey, and it isn’t always black and white. No matter how much you think you have healed from certain things, there are always more layers that may possibly come up. This has shown me how important the process is.


I have learned to communicate feelings and emotions better, which was always so hard to do. I have learned to better manage and be back in charge of myself, my life, for myself, and without fear or worry about physiological or psychological interruptions/occasions. I’ve learned I can cope now.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me and the children I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without you that’s for sure. Honestly can’t thank you enough mine and the kids are so much safer and happier. Take care it’s been great working with you. The kids are going to miss you.


Thank you very much for your text. You are a very a very kind and valuable person and I thankful of God for helping me through the good people until one day I will be able to live with my boys same as other human beings. I appreciate your advices and support, because with your help I hope I will reduce all my fear and make the correct decision to change my children’s life and myself. I am looking forward to seeing you. Many thanks.

The member of staff was given a lovely hand drawn picture by the client’s child, saying “thank you”



Each year we support numerous awareness campaigns. We do this so that society can face the challenges it has and meet them. For example, one of our biggest campaigns is 16 Days of Activism. We use this time to raise awareness about domestic abuse and the many ways it can manifest.

Many victims feel that talking about their experiences is part of their recovery. So, we often ask for contributions. These come in many different forms. Poems, art, stories, all of them tell tales that can help others. Below are a selection that we’ve been sent.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed!

These are pictures from children in our refuges.
A house with rooms drawn by a child
A house with rooms drawn by a child
A house with rooms drawn by a child

A poem: Shattered Picture

A poem from one of the young people we work with:

One smack, it’s beaten into a wall.
This has never happened before.
For the hammer it has beaten many nails into the wall.
It just forgets it all.
The nails stuck now it will never forget.
The hammer repeats, like a circuit.
Until the nail bleeds, why must you do this?
That question goes both ways.
Nail- why must you beat me in to the wall?
Did I mean anything to you at all?
Hammer- why do you bleed, are you that small?
I need to put you in your place, so I can even love you at all.

It was only when they said this the nail realised they never cared but I am not small at all.

I have a big heart that’s what matters.
It will not shatter.
I won’t let that happen.
For I am bigger, bigger then you will ever be.
And you, you will never take that part of me.

The Knife Angel

The Knife Angel

The Knife Angel is a monument and sculpture that travels around England raising awareness of violent knife crime. Knife crime in England and...

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