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PARAGON awarded Leading Light accreditation

PARAGON, delivering the Somerset Integrated Domestic Abuse Service (SIDAS), has been awarded Leading Lights accreditation.

This is the first time our Somerset team has applied for Leading Light status and we are thrilled that we have met the criteria for the award. The 3-year accreditation means Somerset will continue to have an excellent, nationally accredited team, supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

SafeLives Leading Lights is an independent certification of quality for domestic abuse services. Our PARAGON Team in Somerset works hard to ensure that their interventions are always of the highest quality. Having the Leading Lights accreditation shows we work to a high set of standards, including governance, multi-agency working and excellent practice when supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Tonia Redvers, Director of Paragon says:

Somerset is our most recent team to receive the Leading Lights status and has worked hard over the last few years to join with our teams in Susex, Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. In a few short years, and with the additional complexities of COVID, the Somerset team have reached those standards of excellence demonstrated by their working in partnership with victims and survivors in Somerset. This award is a credit to the team, others within YOU and the wider Paragon Management Team who came together to achieve this recognition

James Dore, PARAGON Somerset Manager, says:

Leading lights accreditation, is the mark of quality for domestic abuse services. It shows the professionalism, high standards and expertise that the PARAGON Somerset team delivers across the interventions we offer.
Leading lights accreditation places The YOU Trust in a strong position for funding, and commissioned work within the domestic violence sector. Personally, this accreditation shows the hard work, dedication and excellent service the staff within Somerset provide their clients on a daily basis. It is richly deserved

PARAGON is the domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking team of The YOU Trust, who are commissioned by Somerset Council to deliver their Integrated Domestic Abuse Services, known locally as SIDAS. Our team works in Somerset to offer practical and emotional support that covers a range of services. These include:

  • IDVA and Outreach support
  • Target Hardening to keep you safe at home
  • Recovery groups for victims and survivors
  • Support for children and young people
  • Counselling for adults
  • Family support via out specialist team working with children social care
  • Behaviour change programmes (for perpetrators/people causing harm)
  • Refuge and safe houses

Get in touch for more information

Phone: 0800 694 9999


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