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Securing your home

Securing your home against potential abusers is also known as target hardening. It’s a step that is often taken when there is a threat from someone who has been abusive. This blog looks at the range of equipment used by our Target Hardening Teams.

The risks posed by a perpetrator to a victim and/ or their children can increase dramatically under certain conditions. These might be:

  • the release of the suspect from custody or the court
  • the suspect being charged
  • the lead up to a trial
  • sentencing
  • being released from a prison sentence
  • the imposition of a court order
  • family proceedings
  • concerning child contact
  • the start of a new relationship by the victim
Securing your home

Securing your home

It’s important to take steps to secure a home in these circumstances. But just changing the locks might not be an effective deterrent. Sometimes people we work with need to take additional steps to make their property safe. We can help with this. It can be done in a variety of ways:

  • securing doors
  • locks for windows
  • increased lighting outside the house
  • securing garage and sheds

Ownership/rental status

If the perpetrator is a joint owner or joint tenant of the property, the survivor might have to apply to court for an occupation order or tenancy transfer. If the property is rented, it is necessary to obtain the landlord’s permission before making changes to the structure or fixtures like doors and windows.

Security examples

When we help target harden your property, we will assist with installing and upgrading your security. Securing your home won’t cost you anything as we will help source funds. Some of the things we install are listed below, but can vary depending on the situation.

  • window/door alarms – Battery powdered, magnetic sensor switch detects entry protecting your home. These are easily mounted using adhesive.
  • doorbell security cameras – They can help you feel more secure and potentially help convict abusers in the case of future incidents.
  • lighting – Nightlights with motion sensors will ensure the garden and paths are well lit.
  • personal alarms – A great deterrent if you are walking alone. These are police approved, have a long battery life and are super loud. These alarms play a huge role in emergency situations so you should carry one on you at all times. They help you call out for help when in need.
  • letterbox security jammers – Helps to protect your house from letterbox attacks. Used ideally at night to prevent arson attacks. The unique swing latch design allows you to open and lock your letterbox without any keys. Just a simple swing of the lock protects your property, yourself and your family.
  • door wedges – Heavy duty non-slip door wedge stoppers, used to barricade the door of your ‘safe room’ to prevent entry and to give you time to phone 999.
  • additional security fittings – Door and window bolts/ locks – sash locks, deadlocks, double-locking night latch, door viewers, mirror tiles, door chains, keysafe, padlocks for garden gates, sheds, anti-climb material, ‘prikka strips’ etc.

Securing your doors using reinforcement bars

  • London bar – This is a door frame reinforcing bar with a ‘D’ shaped staple. This very effective steel anti-burglary device is screwed on to the internal face of the lock side of the frame and will resist the kicking; splitting and forcing open of the door
  • Birmingham bar – is a door frame reinforcer and is designed to strengthen and reinforce a timber door frame

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